HPx360 latest laptop of the Laptop’s world


This is the era of technology. Technology gave us so Manu new gadgets laptop is one of them. In the criteria of laptop HP made its own position among all the brands. The latest laptop of HP is the Spectre x360 another variant of the Spectre. This laptop is one of the best products that have metal and carbon fiber build.

Weight and display:

There are so many new features in this laptop. This HP x360 has a super thin design and weight is just 2.8 pounds with the 12.5-inch full HD display. You can avoid the impending dongle future because of the sweet spot that pushing the future but useful with two Thunderbolt 3, the USB-c ports and a single 3.1 port.  The most interesting feature of HPx360 is that you can maneuver the display all the way back in 360 deegree angle for putting it in a tablet mode which named it HPx360.

Ram and processor:

HPx360 has the top of the line space with the 7th-Gen intel core i7 chip and the 16GB of memory which made it super fast. You can configure this space as you want.




Battery quality:

Another top feature that made it more different the other Laptop is its battery life. You will get more than 10 hours of battery usage from its 57.8 watt battery. So you will be free from the tension that you have to keep charging the laptop whole day long.

Other features in HPx360:

The location of the webcam is in the perfect position as it should be. In HPx360 webcam is at the up top. It has an extended cooling vent, the rounded rear edge, the dual chrome display hings and the shape of its power button. It ditched the backlight because of the difficulty of fitting LEDs behinds its keys without compromising key travels. You can find the integrated click buttons and the click operation is good as well.

Problems with HPx360:

The main annoying feature of HPx360 is that its mediocre keyboard. It has Thunderbolt-c which is also act as a charging port and headphone jack but no card reader.