Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Billie Lourd Reunite at ‘Star Wars’ Celebration


Enthusiasts of Star Wars ran to Orlando on Thursday (April 13), where the yearly Star Wars Celebration was held, including the thrown individuals and makers of the famous science fiction establishment.

While participants were dealt with to a plenty of delightful shocks—including the arrangement’s prequels star Hayden Christensen showing up—the most impactful minute came amid the occasion’s tribute to Princess/General Leia performer Carrie Fisher, in which Fisher’s little girl, Billie Lourd, paid respect to her late mother.

“She cherished you [the fans] because you grasped every last bit of her,” an enthusiastic Lourd told the group, as per Entertainment Weekly. “The solid warrior she was and the powerless side, who battled her dim side. She cherished this staggering character she got the opportunity to make—this compel, called Leia.”

“So much like her mom in such a large number of ways,” the 65-year-old inscribed the pic taken at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, with the late Carrie Fisher’s just youngster. “It was near as though we were snuggling our Princess once more! #BillieLourd #DejaVuAllOverAgain #SWCO.”

Hamill, Ford and Fisher significantly featured as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia in the first Star Wars set of three back in the late ’70s and mid-’80s preceding rejoining for 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which additionally highlighted Lourd in a little part.

The Scream Queens performer paid tribute to her mother — who passed on in December at 60 years old — at the occasion on Thursday, April 13, wearing a white Leia-roused Tom Ford dress.

Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd go to the debut of Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on December 14, 2015, in Hollywood, California. Todd Williamson/Getty Images

“My mother used to state she never knew where Princess Leia finished and Carrie Fisher started. She went from being an obscure on-screen character, the little girl of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, to Princess Leia,” Lourd, 24, told fans in an ardent discourse at the tradition on Thursday.

“She was defective from multiple points of view, yet her blemishes and eagerness to talk about them are what made her more than impeccable,” she proceeded. “My mother, like Leia, wasn’t ever reluctant to talk her psyche and say things that may have made a great many people awkward, yet not me and not you. That was the reason she cherished you since you acknowledged and grasped every last bit of her.”

Fisher finished taping for the following Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, in a matter of seconds before her passing. The trailer for the eighth portion of the science fiction establishment, which hits theaters in December, debuted Friday at the Star Wars Celebration before it was shared on the web. Watch the video above.