Some of the Best Xbox One Headsets for You to Choose From 


You just cannot imagine gaming on an Xbox without a good set of headphones. Competitive gamers especially know about this fact, as they are always keeping an eye on online stores and blogs to try and find the most reliable headset currently available on the market. A headset with a clear and crisp sound makes all the difference in both quality and winning or losing an online match. Here you’ll find ten of the best headsets out there, as well as the best Xbox One headset available for purchase at the moment. We did the research, excluding headsets that are not compatible with Xbox One, as well as those models that are just too expensive for an average competitive gamer. The models you’ll see here are all very affordable, as well as stylish. Before we begin, note that this list is made up of headsets based on their price (links will be attached), quality, as well as some of their top features. 

  1. Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx

    The Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx is a special headset which is very flexible. They come a detachable microphone on them, so if it’s not necessary to your gaming needs, you can easily just get rid of it. It’s ideal for gaming on an Xbox One, and the box comes with three additional connection cables, making almost every single device compatible with these wonderful headphones. Customers say that these headphones are also outstanding for music, as well as watching videos, TV shows, and movies, but they also add that the mic isn’t that good for talking – the quality is pretty bad. Find this headset on Amazon for more info.

  1. Sades SA-807

    These unbreakable headphones are perfect for competitive gamers, and they’re a pretty good Xbox One headset, so if you’re looking for something sturdy and sleek, then look no further. The Sades SA-807 should be on your list to buy, because their almost closed ear design will deliver sound that’s crystal clear. Amazon customers say that they dislike the low quality of appearance, but they really enjoy the extra-long cable that comes with them.

  1. LucidSound LS30

    This headset is fantastic for gamers looking for wireless freedom. With a very comfortable memory foam located in the ear cushions, they’re incredibly well for listening to music, as well. Find them on Amazon for all further information. 

  1. Kingston HyperX Cloud

    The finest Swedish headset perfect for Xbox One gaming is yours if you’re looking for something that will deliver superior audio performance. The HyperX Cloud are comfy, and they’re very affordable. The microphone is also detachable, but the downside is that to make this your best Xbox One headset, you’ll need to buy the Xbox adapter. Check their price here. 

  1. Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro

    With customizable EQ presets, as well as an option for bass boost, you’ll probably get chills when each and every single explosion occurs.You can also mute your mic really quickly with this wonderful headset, and Amazon customers say that they are of tournament quality. Pretty good for a headset ranked at number 6. 

  1. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

    The fifth best model is the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR. This special headset resembles modular gadgets due to its open-back / closed-back noise isolation. The A40 TR is of outstanding quality, making them sturdy, lightweight, and leaves a great first impression. Unfortunately, the connection cable is somewhat short, judging by Amazon’s customers. If it weren’t for that issue, we would rank these headphones slightly better. 

  1. HyperX CloudX Pro

    Proudly wearing the official Xbox license, the HyperX CloudX Pro are good for more reasons than one. With a tight and secure fit, you can be sure that this headset made exclusively for Xbox One gamers won’t break during your intense online matches, and with noise cancellation built into the mic, you’ll enjoy gaming even from your home. Check Amazon for more info. 

  1. Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+

    Being one of the lightest headsets on the market, the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ seem like an extension of the Xbox One. With their fabulous black color and neon green accents, you’ll enjoy this wonderful Xbox One headset for more reasons than just the design. Their sound quality is perfect, and they allow you to tweak game and chat volumes independently. The wireless capability also offers 15-hours of battery life(!). Happy Amazon customers are going crazy for this model. 

  1. Razer Kraken Pro V2

    Lightweight, durable, perfection in sound quality are just some of the terms used to describe the Razer Kraken Pro V2. It’s not a beastly headset in terms of its size, but with a cool neon green color, you can enjoy every single aspect of them. Their sound quality is outstanding for the price, and Amazon confirms that. 

  1. SteelSeries Siberia X800

    With 7.1 Dolby surround sound that almost literally drags you inside your video game, the SteelSeries Siberia X800 wireless headset is by far the best Xbox One headset. With an Xbox One adapter in the box, you can control game and chat volumes right from the controller with ease. Their battery pack can be swapped without disturbance, and their rotating memory foam earcups sum up this masterpiece into a perfectly sculpted piece of equipment for gamers. Check them out on Amazon for all other technical details, and be sure that the SteelSeries Siberia X800 will not disappoint you!