The Best Gaming Laptop Review Alienware AW15R2’s Design Features 

The Best Gaming Laptop Review: Alienware AW15R2 Design Features 

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Alienware AW15R2 is a sleek and sophisticated laptop that’s engineered to offer high performance. The lightweight and durable laptop is crafted with carbon fiber which provides a tough but attractive stiffness. With full-throttle graphics performance and a powerful processor, Alienware AW15R2 provides users with a performance boost they need when running different applications simultaneously. This article offers a review of one of the best gaming laptops, Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV.

Key Features

  • Powered by 2.6 GHz Intel-Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core processor.
  • 15.6-inch display screen with full HD Display
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels LED-lit Truelife Screen
  • Runs on Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SATA SSD Storage

Design Features

  • Alienware AW15R2 is one of the best gaming laptops right now. Its ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down makes it perfect for multitasking. It’s engineered to cater to all of your gaming as well as entertainment needs.

Sleek,Tough, and Durable

  • This device is designed to offer high-quality performance without sacrificing its appearance. Alienware AW15R2’s impressive durability comes from the tough carbon fiber. This laptop has undergone rigorous tests to ensure that you play hard. The touchpad, the power buttons, and hinges are all durable and long-lasting.
  • This laptop has an attractive and sleek design. The solid anodized aluminum acts as a protective shell against all kinds of friction. The structural design of the hinges are rigid but firm enough and provide overall serious protection.

Reliable SSD

  • Alienware AW15R2’s Solid-State Drive (SSD) which resembles the flash-based memory found in USB memory devices. These SSD has no moving parts hence it’s reliable, secure, and has fewer chances of failure compared to the standard hard drive. SSDs are faster and more effective. Using it means that you can quickly retrieve data from the drive faster.

Faster Performance and Dynamic Overclocking

  • Alienware 15 offers faster and better performance. It’s uniquely designed with the new PCIe SSD which can have up to 5.3 times the bandwidth of the previous generation. This laptop gets you into action almost instantly. Everything, including media files, games, web pages, and documents among others load within seconds. The dynamic overclocking system is important for maintaining quality performance. This device will automatically overclock itself and monitor the internal temperatures so as to keep the whole system cool and running.

Gaming Laptop

Clear Display

  • This premium laptop uses IPS-based LCD technology which delivers stunning visionary display. Additionally, the wide 15.6-inch screen plus the Full HD display simply transforms everything. There is high clarity and clear color in every image.

Deep, Rich Sounds

  • Alienware 15 combines sound and fury. It’s powered by Klipsch and Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi technology. It delivers crispy clear bass which includes deep bass. Furthermore, it comes with a dual microphone array.

Seamless Connection

  • This device uses the killer Wireless-AC 1535 which delivers unmatched running speeds. It makes it easier to control your overall gaming experience. The device allows you to stream and download files faster. Besides that, it makes the whole gaming experience enjoyable thanks to the Advanced Stream Detect and DoubleShot Pro technology.

Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Users of this device are guaranteed up to ten million keystrokes. The ergonomic TactX keyboard provides uniform feedback and it also protects the internal components of this device from collecting dirt. You can use shortcuts to launch different applications and even run some in-game macros. Alienware 15 has 5 customizable keys which can run up to 15 different commands.

External Chassis Connections

  • Alienware 15 allows you to extend your reach with the versatile input and output ports. You can hook some of your favorite accessories in the USB Type C port which supports the Thunderbolt 3 and SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps technologies.

Alienware 15 Performance

  • This is a powerful laptop which offers high-quality performance. The Core i7 processor with 2.6 GHz is capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s ahead of most fast gaming laptops. The storage set-up is great for speedy performance and storage of bulk files or programs. 
  • In terms of noise, this is a relatively silent laptop. Alienware 15 still manages to remain almost silent even handling bulky games or running multiple threaded tasks at the same time. It’s possible to prevent the fan from overheating, change the Windows power options. However, note that this may throttle the CPU performance.

Alienware 15 Battery Life

  • The battery life of a laptop is one of the factors that most buyers consider, especially gamers. With Alienware 15, you can stay so many hours away from the socket. This laptop has a battery life of 7 hours. It’s ahead of most gaming devices which mostly have fewer hours of battery life.

Price and Where to Buy

  • Alienware 15 costs around $1,600. However, the price may slightly vary depending on the seller. You can purchase it online from different retailers including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Newegg, TigerDirect, PCMag and many other sites.


  • Striking and attractive design
  • Can run multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Versatile and durable
  • Great overall performance


  • Tends to get during intense and prolonged gaming
  • It lacks the NVIDIA G-Sync Technolog

Customer Review

Based on its design, performance, and cost, Alienware 15 has numerous positive customer reviews. From this gaming laptop review, it’s clear that this sophisticated laptop is great for running multiple tasks without slowing down. What makes people love it is its ability to handle bulky applications efficiently. However, there are complaints from some customers which indicate that it can get a little too hot for comfort.

Final Thoughts

Alienware AW15R2 is one of the top-rated gaming laptops. Its features sophisticated features which makes it possible to handle a wide range of gaming applications. The durable, quieter, and high-performance laptop launches all application faster and makes it possible for you to access all your documents within seconds.