Best Weight Loss Shakes in The Market

Best Weight Loss Shakes in The Market

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As diet and exercise programs go by, losing weight gets more and more difficult. At some point, easing the process can be a smart and popular choice to make. Usually, using a meal replacement shake, such as GNC Lean Shake or Herbalife, can be a great decision -or sometimes instruction. However, taking them has become so popular that there are hundreds of them in the market and it becomes difficult to choose one from all of them. That’s why here you have a list of the top meal replacement shakes:

310 Shake

This beverage probably is everyone’s number 1 in the list and for good reason. The best part of 310 shake might be its 90 calories per serving. Nonetheless, the fact that it does not contain any sugar, cholesterol or artificial sweeteners is an advantage, which can only get better once the very affordable price of $2.43 per serving is observed.


Although not as popular as the previous one, Shakeology is still one of the best meal replacement shakes in the market. Many people discuss about its taste but the lack of artificial sweeteners is an outstanding element. It also provides lots of nutrients that are well received by its customers.

GNC Lean Shake

If you have read GNC lean shake reviews, you will probably realize that GNC weight loss shakes are among the top meal replacement beverages anyone can take. This brand flag are the 8 gr. of fiber and 25 gr. of protein per serving, which is impressive for a meal replacement shake. In addition, its price per serving is great, falling to $2.50 per serving.


Probably, one of the most recognized brands in the market. However, its results are achieved thanks to its low caloric and fat content – 90 gr. and 1 gr. respectively. Its price varies according to the seller, but it does contain artificial sweeteners.


This is a great meal replacement shake. In fact, it could be compared with the GNC weight loss shakes because of its similar fiber content. The difference is that this beverage has 240 calories and 5 gr. of fat per serving, although it does not contain artificial sweeteners. 

Vega One

A very liked and popular option. Its highlights are the low sugar amount and the complete lack of cholesterol and artificial sweeteners, a rare mix in meal replacement shakes. It does have high levels of protein and fiber, yet there are still competitors with higher numbers in the market.

Thrive Shakes

Although it is usually highly rated by users in several comparing websites, this shake is based on the nutrient balance. Its protein and fiber levels are not the highest in the market, neither the lowest. The same with the rest of the nutrients. Nonetheless, it contains a well-balanced, nutritive solution that works really good for many people.

Orgain Organic

Similarly, to what could be seen in GNC Lean Shake reviews, this well rated beverage contains 8 gr. of fiber, without cholesterol, artificial sweeteners and almost no sugar. However, its price is a little higher, reaching the $3.12 per serving.

Weight Loss Shakes in The Market

Quest protein

This quest protein powder works based on a strategy similar to Herbalife’s, in which the low caloric charge is what helps achieve the goal. In this case, the 3 gr. of carbs work along with the barely 100 calories and the lack of fat and sugar. Also, it is very cost-effective as its price goes down to $1.25 per serving.

Medifast shakes

This is another meal replacement beverage that focuses its nutrition content on balance. There is not a specific highlighting aspect in comparison to other shakes, but its general features work closely related in order to reach such results.


The broadly recognized brand offers a balanced product as many others. Their proposal is based on more than a decade of experience and the effectiveness and safety of their program. They go into the market with the very competitive price of $1.24 per serving.

Ensure Shakes

With years in the market, this recognized brand offers meal replacement shakes for nutritional purposes and not as much for exercise and body building. However, it is a good option for those who are looking to improve their health.

Arbonne Shakes

This option is incredible for vegans. The beverage supplies all nutritional aspects that the people exerting this lifestyle might discourage at some point. Also, the price is quite affordable at $2.53 per serving.


Although not as recognized as the rest, this brand offers a balanced solution for a great pricing, lowering their servings to $1.66 each.

How to choose the best weight loss shake for you

The most important aspects to consider is your strategy and your conditions. For example, if you are vegan, that will probably reduce your options to just a few. However, in regular conditions things can get a little more complicated. If you are looking to lose weight by reducing calories, you may want to take low-calorie and low-carb shakes, while if you are looking to lose weight while gaining a little muscle, you might want to go for high protein shakes, such as GNC Lean Shake or Isagenix.

Now, not every single body is the same. The important thing is to analyze whether the meal replacement shake is actually working for you or not and to try different ones to see which one works better on your body.

Bottom Line

There are a wide range of brands that help you execute strategies that can help you drop a few pounds. Some of them might work great while others might not work well on you. Getting to know what’s best for you is something that only you can check, however these reviews were made to give you guidelines on what works for other people, too. Remember, losing weight is a change in your mindset and lifestyle although it may seem otherwise. Keep trying, keep learning, keep getting better.