Building Success in Video Production Boston Business

by | Tech Reviews


Success as a video production Boston could look like many things. The usual suspects are often creative fulfillment, increased profits, or employee growth. One tried-and-true measure of success in any video production Boston business is nailing the repeat business because it’s five times cheaper to retain a customer than get a new one. While creative skills are crucial, video production Boston business requires the necessary knowledge in customer relationships and retention. Here are five things you can do, and avoid doing, to keep your clients happy and the jobs rolling in.

Delivering value, not just another video

Creative’s can often get caught up in the creation process and forget that the product they’re making needs to succeed in its business objective. The more you can work with your customers by asking yourself the right questions, the more they will trust and understand that you have their best interests at heart. If they feel you’re only creatively fulfilling yourself, they may trust you less, which in turn could make the review process harder, and ultimately undermine your entire project.

Communicate the good and the bad

Open communication builds trust and understanding. Even with the best-laid plans, mistakes happen, schedules get mixed up, and files get lost. If you avoid telling clients about things that aren’t working or that have failed, they may come to believe that they’re not getting the full picture about your production progression. Make your communication consistent and regular. Daily updates are great, even by email, and when there’s a problem, pick it up early and explain it to them, along with your top two or three options for moving forward.

Your client’s experience is 50% of the transaction

Although you’re a provider of video production Boston, and that product needs to create successful outcomes for your customer, never forget about the experience of your customer buying from you. Make sure that the process of working with them is enjoyable and efficient while making sure you take care of the details.

Under promise, over deliver

A key strategy to keep customers coming back is to promise slightly above what they expect and then deliver above and beyond. There is no trick here, just hard work to create great results and not overselling the project before you’ve even begun.

Be delightful

This covers all of the above and is the touchstone of keeping clients happy. Think about the times in your life when you’ve had a delightful experience: a free drink because you weren’t seated in a restaurant quickly enough; a free upgrade on a flight. These things cost the company real money but what they get back is worth ten times anything they spend, because now they have a delighted customer who will return and refer others. This is absolutely feasible within video production Boston’s creative business. Think of something that relates to what you’re delivering to your customer, and add something more on top. With the right combination of creative skills and business acumen, your clients will keep coming back for more.