Freshen Up Your Summer Wardrobe with Fur Accessories

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As the popularity of owning a fur coat has increased in some circles, so has the desire to accessorize that coat.  Did you know that you can now buy fur scrunchies, fur eye mask, and a fur purse?  Now it’s not just women fur hat but it is also fur shoes and fur key chains.  That is just to name a few.

In this article, you will find out about some of the accessories for summer and for fur hats.

What you need to know about fashion

Whether taking the kids to the park, sporting events or any other event, spruce up your look with a nice T-Shirt, Tall Tees, knee-length skirt and a pair of flat sandals, Stay fashionable by being quirky in some way. Let your hair be a bit messy, unbutton your shirt or wear shoes that are not matched.

Matching Outfit

We don’t know about you but maximum women had a habit of matching their coat with purse and outfit.  Hence now the fur purse will complement your women’s fur hat and your fur coat.  You can find them in vendors online for reasonable prices in different colors and designs. as we are talking about summer fashion how can we miss swimwear! You can select the best swimwear in any size.


A lot of the vendors we saw online carried faux fur handbags and purses for not bad prices.  Fendi, however, has a real fur handbag as does Michael Kors. But not for the entire handbag.  You will see it is like a charm or a keychain attached to the purse.

Key chains are also fur as well. The fur keychain you are used to reading or seeing is the rabbit’s foot but did you know you could also have a fox tail key chain?  Most of the key chains, however, are attached to purses although they do sell them separately online.  Again Fendi makes them as well as Michael Kors. You can also check out Etsy and some other online vendors.  You can purchase a hat from and then go and buy a keychain from Fendi or Etsy.  Make sure the fur matches the purse and it’s tasteful.


You can also buy fur shoes.  In our research, we have found out that it’s mostly the heel or the trim of the shoe, not the entire shoe itself that has the fur.  You like to accessorize your outfit by making your purse; shoes, hat, nail polish and jewelry match your outfit that is what they would like you to do with your women fur hat and accessories.  Match them.  So your shoes could match the color of your women fur hat and the color block your outfit to complement the two of them together.  It is a very nice ensemble you have now put together to wear out on your summer evening.


Women fur hats are made of different furs and also different colors.  You have many varieties of hats that you can search out online to wear such as Trapper hats, headbands, and fur wigs.  These all can be worn year round if you have the right event to wear them too.  Let’s make a summer outfit to wear out to dinner so you can see how this works.

You receive an invitation to go to dinner at the Schomberg in New York.  Might be like a black tie event.  Yes, you can wear a women fur hat with your evening gown.   So you and your family go out shopping for the event.  You decide on a black dress that is partially brown suede and you wish to pair it with a women fur hat brown in the form of a headband. You then shop for a women fur purse brown/black or a pair of shoes brown/black that is fur trimmed and top it off with a fur stole brown.  The furs should match in color and also the fur itself.  If you can’t buy real fur faux fur is a booming business.   Now you have your outfit to wear to the event at the Schomburg.

Summer Shopping Tips 

The reason we showed you that was that you could see how easy it is to make an outfit up to wear somewhere in the summer and it’s good to know where to shop. Whereas the Arctic Store sells women’s furs such as women fur coats, and women fur hats they don’t sell the accessories.  You have to go to another store or vendor to find those items.  If you can’t afford Fendi or Michael Kors Etsy is a good store to go to and has reasonable prices. There are other vendors online as well that you can find.

Final thought

In conclusion, the fur business is a good business and has a good selection of items for you to choose from if you wanted to buy your women fur hat and accessorize the rest of your outfit for summer. is an online vendor that deals with the fur industry. They currently have 10% off of the entire cart should you purchase from them until further notice.

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