Salomon X-Pro 120 Review Why it’s perfect for Aggressive All-Mountain Ridin

Salomon X-Pro 120 Review: Why it’s perfect for All-Mountain Riding

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Salomon X-Pro 120 is a pair of flexible and durable ski boots that provides wearers with high performance. It comes with customizable features and it easily fits on any type of feet. It’s designed to offer comfort, reliability, and personalization. These ski boots offer the perfect fit and excellent performance. Outlined below is the Salomon X-Pro 120 Review.

Key Features

  • Perfectly fits all types of foot shapes
  • Comes with a 45 mm strap, twin-frame 2 construction, and a 360-degree custom shell
  • The custom fit 3D race liner enhances user comfort
  • Suitable for aggressive all-mountain riding
  • 120 flex is stiff and responsive in all conditions
  • Contains Oversized Pivot which laterally stiffens for sharper edging
  • Provides a great personal fit and performance

Design Features

Salomon X-Pro 120 is a stiff and durable ski boot that provides a customizable fit. Weighing less than 2 kgs, these boots deliver quality skiing performance everywhere. It’s made with unique and high-quality design features which include:

Heat Moldable Shell and Customizable Panels

These are some of the best ski boots. Salomon X-Pro 120 has a 360-degree moldable shell. The twin-frame shell is made with a bi-material polyurethane. The customizable heat-moldable shell allows for a personalized fit on your foot. X-pro’s customizable panels mean that these ski boots conform to different shapes of feet. It takes the shape of the upper foot, ankle, instep, and shin.

Flexible Panels

The flexible panes which use the Articulated Sensifit design make it possible to slide on and off on the boots. The shin and instep of these ski shoots are flexible enough to provide you with an adventurous experience.

Lightweight and Versatile

Salomon X-Pro 120 has a lightweight construction which helps to enhance movement. The twin-frame 2 construction helps to reduce weight and minimizing the sole’s chances of twisting. This enhances responsiveness and users can rip at fast speeds.

Better Performance and Comfort

These ski boots come with an oversized 24mm pivot for enhancing connection. The connection between the lower shell and the upper cuff is so strong, sending direct energy towards your skis. With a 45mm power strap found on the upper cuff, these boots deliver better rebounds. This also makes it easier for the cuff to snap back to the neutral position during cranking turns. The ski boots come with the Fit 3D Race Liner which can be customized and heated leads to better performance and enhances comfort.

Salomon X-Pro 120

How the Molding Process Occurs

The 360 custom shell consists of black sections which are moldable. These sections are found on the upper and lower shell of Salomon X-Pro 120. They are heat moldable and customizable for a better fit and great results. The molding process usually happens in two ways:

  • Place the shells in an oven for about 10-15 minutes. Ensure that the heat reaches 220 degrees-Fahrenheit. Next, put the boots on for 15-20 minutes (depending on the cooling process), and then allow them to cool. Note that after the shells become cool, put the liners on the heat stacks for 7-10 minutes. 

Once the liners have attained the perfect temperature, you need to place the insole in the liners. After that, insert the liners into the shells. Don’t forget to put the toecaps over the toes before putting the boots on. Once you put the boots on, give them around ten minutes for the cooling process to occur.

After that, you need to take the boots off and then remove the toecaps. The boots are now ready for use and you can now go skiing.

  • The second type of molding involves a reverse process. All you need to do is heat the liners first before the shells.

Price and Where to Buy

Salomon X-Pro 120 costs around $315. However, this price varies from seller to seller. You can purchase X-Pro 120 from online retail outlets such as,, Recreational Equipment Inc.,, and among other places.


  • Replaceable soles
  • Delivers a powerful performance thanks to the twin-frame 2 shell
  • Comparatively lightweight skiing boots.
  • Move and faster speeds in variable terrain and conditions
  • Great energy transmission and control for fast all-condition skiing


  • Its flex is very stiff
  • Ideal for aggressive or experienced skiers

Customer Reviews

Salomon X-Pro 120 is the perfect set of ski boots that’s perfect for all-mountain riding. It’s responsive in all types of conditions. Customer reviews indicate that these are versatile ski boots. They come with a moldable shell and liner which provide a customized fit on feet.

Final Thoughts

Salomon X-Pro 120 offers quality performance in all-mountain riding. The customizable boots offer a perfect fit for any shape of feet. These strong and durable boots offer responsiveness that you need as you move. These lightweight ski boots are made with a moldable shell and race line for extra comfort.