Wood Fireplace Mantel: Common Kinds and Styles

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Wood fireplace mantels could add magnificent aesthetic excellence to any home, as well as they can simply become the cornerstone of any area. There is an enormous quantity of diversity in the styles plus designs of woody fireplace mantel that are accessible today. For instance, fireplace mantels are traded in many diverse shapes plus sizes. They can furthermore come in an infinite diversity of styles as well as can be prepared from numerous diverse type of wood.

What is Hose Fireplace?

Fireplace mantel comes in manifold styles, and the elegance is determined through the kind of wood plus the design components comprised. The elegance of mantel your choice should be steady with the overall decoration of your household. For instance, for an additional contemporary or modern style household, it is probable that you will style your mantel through straight plus simple, distinct lines. Alternatively, for a more stylish look, you will want to comprise more elaborate classical otherwise Victorian wood decoration methods.

Wood Mantels and fireplaces could be made in numerous diverse styles and kinds to suit closely any taste. While choosing the finest fireplace mantels, it is significant to select a kind of fireplace mantel that compliments the décor and aesthetics of your home. St. Charles Hardwoods usages top of the line apparatus to create its fireplace mantels. We could create convention fireplace mantels using closely any kind of wood, and our group of professionals is capable to completely customize mantels toward your precise specifications plus tastes. This comprises incorporating numerous hand carved components plus features.

Red Oak Fireplace Mantel

Red oak is one of the maximum usually used hardwoods in fittings manufacturing. The detail that red oak was used to make wagon wheels plus railroad ties is evidence to its amazing durability. We proffer an extensive assortment of red oak Mantels and fireplaces featuring the distinct reddish-brown shade and noticeable wood grain designs that so numerous proprietors find appealing.

Poplar Wood Hearth Mantels

Poplar is a justly soft wood that is furthermore less costly than many additional wood kinds. Whereas poplar in its natural state is graceful in color and frequently contains brown otherwise green streaks, it could be easily painted toward achieving the preferred finish. Our assortment of poplar fireplace mantel offers a supreme combination of constancy, artistic appeal, and affordability.

Maple Wood Hearth Mantel

Maple wood could be hard otherwise soft, though even the softer diversity is one of the firmest woods found in nature. While it comes toward furniture creating, maple offers the advantage of being tremendously easy toward work with. Proprietors love our maple fireplace mantel for their greater strength plus durability, together with the attractive fine, straightforward grain outlines that differentiate maple from additional wood kinds.

Cherry Wood Hearth Mantels

Cherry wood mantels are continually in great demand! Cherry wood aspects a rich reddish-brown color that inclines to obscure as it ages, which offers a vintage look plus feel that additional woods could not achieve. Cherry is moreover easy to stain, making it a tremendously flexible wood for usage in furniture creating. You can relish the splendor of a cherry wood mantel in your household for years toward come.

Native Hardwoods

Use native hardwoods for your mantel, not merely for accuracy, nonetheless since there are certain distinct hardwoods that would complement your decoration. Buckthorn has attitudes of peach. California Buckeye, as well as Green-barked Acacia, comprise golden highpoints. Mesquite is shady, as well as mountain mahogany conveys russet flows. Select a wood that choices up types in stone otherwise match furniture toward confirming that your mantel shelf appearances at home overhead your fireplace. Check local ciphers beforehand installing your shelf — Nationwide Standard Structure Code standards command placing flammable materials as a minimum 12 inches overhead the firebox.

Final thought

Uneven cut otherwise sands a plain board for your mantel shelf, not ever add a silky finish. Recycled timber often creates a fine, pastoral shelf. Big pieces, for example, 4-by-8 inch panels might be calmer to find, plus less costly, than in a lumbering plot. Check traditional wholesalers and reprocessed lumber dealers — you may find several erratic old red woods, madrone otherwise pale California nutmeg. Corbels — two similar braces below the shelf — create rustic accompaniments. Join the shelf toward the corbels through mortise-and-tenon joins, a communal Colonial woodwork method.

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