How Do Yoli Reviews Compare With 310 Shakes Reviews?

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Meal replacement shakes represent a whole new world of healthy weight loss products, and one can be quite confused about the right choice to make. Here, you will find out some useful information about two of the main, best-selling brands of healthy beverages. We compared user reviews of 310 shakes with Yoli reviews, hoping they will help you understand better these products and their features.

What is 310 Shakes?

The 310 brand relies not only on fame but also on the good quality of its products and on a large collection of recipes. After all, meal replacement shakes should be available as beverages as well as dressings for proper foods, or even as a part of new recipes altogether. If you fancy trying something like this but lack the necessary imagination, just visit 310’s website and learn what you can do with a simple shake!

What is Yoli shakes?

Yoli shakes come in elegant packaging, much more peaceful-looking than the bright orange one of 310 shakes – if you are in the habit of judging a book from its cover, then this detail could definitely steer you towards one shake or the other depending on your taste.

Let’s now gather suitable information from Yoli reviews and 310 reviews alike, in order to discover the main traits of each brand.

The formula of 310 meal-replacement shakes has been utterly renovated, with a new focus on health and nature. 310 Shakes now only contain natural, sugar-free components, and are packed with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. They only make use of the best ingredients, because healthy eating habits should not be a synonym of poor taste or bad flavor!

Yoli protein shakes, even though they are different, follow a similar philosophy. The Yoli Essential Shake (YES) is both delicious and nutrient-dense, satisfying your body’s needs and your sweet tooth alike. It provides amino acids and macronutrients for muscles and it is sweetened with stevia, so that no artificial sugars will hinder your path towards well-being.

– Shakes made by 310 are very rich in proteins (61.2% of the total weight), and they also contain carbohydrates (only healthy fibers that are good for digestion), cholesterol, potassium, sodium, and vitamins and mineral salts such as vitamins A, B, B6, B12, C, D, E, calcium, iron, riboflavin, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium, niacin, folate, and pantothenic acid.

They are sugar-free and fat-free too, for a perfect, balanced diet

Yoli shakes are famous for employing PuraWhey, a protein that comes from the cheese-making process and only makes use of grass-fed cows. This way, the protein is not only easy to digest but also GMO- and hormone-free. In addition to this high-quality protein complex, Yoli shakes also contain inulin (a form of starch fed to gut bacteria), natural flavors, xylitol, Guar gum (a laxative food thickener), stevia extract, Luo Han Guo (a Chinese fruit with low-glycemic sweetening properties), LeanImmune, and the bacillus coagulans.

Speaking about flavors, 310 Shakes really have the upper hand. You may find them in 5 different flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Chai), suitable both for sweet and for salty meals, while Yoli shakes only have two very classic, very predictable flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla). And, of course, you can’t mix Yoli shakes with salted foods!

Generally, people who try a 310 Shake never come back to other products. These shakes are tasty, wholesome, healthy, and they make you feel sated for two to four hours. That’s definitely a good feature for a meal replacement beverage if you are looking to stave off your hunger and lose weight!

Unfortunately, Yoli shakes are not as appreciated as 310’s ones: customers like their taste, but they find them too expensive and ineffective in satisfying hunger feelings.

Reviews for Yoli shakes show that, in general, people who buy these products tend to try rival brands and like them better. Yoli shakes are not as cheap as they should be, and one often has to complete them with other vitamins and minerals in order to follow a balanced diet program. 310’s shakes, even though the new healthy recipe is less tasty than the original one, continue to be well-liked by those who use them regularly.

Final Thought

In summary, Yoli reviews show that the products of this brand are good for your health and definitely produced with great care, even though customers find them too expensive and not as satisfactory as they hoped. On the other hand, 310’s shakes keep up the good work and continue improving their solid, renowned formula.

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